Mary wanted to be a ballerina. But her DNA, programmed for towering height, huge feet and inherent clumsiness thwarted her childhood aspirations. Choosing a practical, societal-embracing career was out of the question so a BA at CCA fine arts school in Oakland, CA was pursued.

Mary attempted straddling fine arts with its more practical, commercial application. But graphic design was not enough to satisfy her exuberant muse. Muses don't like to share. So watercolors, (avian watercolors), now define Mary and her work. Her muse is finally satisfied and at peace. Mary devotes her energy to creating compelling award-winning pieces that have been exhibited in local and international shows. She has taught classes and workshops and enjoys sharing her philosophy with others. But her passion remains seated in the still, contemplative hours tending to her avian paintings. Constructing working compositions is a strenuous problem solving endeavor. Epiphanies will flutter down and perch themselves on the studio stoop but it is the responsibility of the artist to grasp them and serve their call. What a privilege to be trusted with nuggets of inspiration and to get the brushes wet!  

Philosophy- I Think Therefore I Become

One never is. One Becomes.

Some find comfort in definitive edges and predictable outcomes. But such philosophy ultimately leads to stagnant existence. We are living, integrating beings and require novelty to thrive.

So when someone posited the query, "Why are paintings called 'paintings' and not 'painted'?" it became clear to me that successful artwork in itself is a kind of living entity. Works are not finished when the brushes dry. They continue to work as they influence and interact with their viewers.

A painting is not simply about composition, values and technique. To be efficacious it must have soul. It must engage and play with its viewer and initiate an interplay of emotion and story. And because no two perspectives are identical the more variations a painting evokes, the better the work it is. A good painting initiates reciprocal energy that invites the viewer to become a co-creator of its story. A compelling piece is one that is not only rendered well but will set forth a multitude of novel experiences and influence.

Why Birds?

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